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Banana Smoothie Mix

Banana Smoothie Mix

Smoothies are a delicious way to get an often much needed boost of nutrients. It’s hard to eat right when everyone has such hectic schedules, but smoothies make it just a little easier. The problem though, is that buying them every day can get expensive pretty quickly, and making them at home can be messy. The solution is simple. There’s nothing quite as great as a banana smoothie mix to enjoy the great taste and attain the health benefits of a smoothie in a simple and convenient bottle. Choosing the right smoothie concentrate can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Just know what to look for before you start shopping.

Smoothies at Home


Bananas are among the healthiest foods out there! They’re packed with vitamins B6 and C, as well as potassium, manganese, fiber, and even protein. Making smoothies at home is all fine and good, in theory, however in practice preparing smoothies daily using fresh fruits could be demanding, expensive and time consuming.  You’ll need to make frequent, if not daily, trips to the supermarket to stock up on fruit and vegetables. You could stock up once a week, but for most people, fridge space is always limited. Preparing the smoothie isn’t much fun, either. You’ll need to peel the fruit, cut it up, measure out different amounts of each fruit, and then clean up the juicy mess left from the effort. An all natural smoothie mix offers a much easier and cleaner option. Store a single bottle in the fridge. When you want a smoothie, just pour some into the blender and add some ice. No sacrificing fridge space, no sticky mess to clean up.

Label Information


There’s been an abundance of smoothie concentrates pouring into the market lately, and choosing the best from that stream can be something of an arduous task. The best way to ensure that what you’re getting is an appropriate mix for your needs is to read and understand the label. The vast majority of products out there are filed with sugar and additives that make them no healthier than a can of soda. To get any actual nutrition, choose a product with no added sugar or harmful preservatives. Fruit juice or puree should be the first ingredient on the list, not water. If there are ingredients that you can’t pronounce or don’t fully understand, there’s a good chance that the product isn’t right for you. If you have questions about the information provided on the label, don’t hesitate to contact the producer directly. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and might even provide you with a few recipes to try out!

There’s no question that smoothies are an ideal snack for people on the go looking to increase their nutrient and fruit intake, but how to go about getting a good for you and consistent smoothie remains the challenge. Banana smoothie mix by Smartfruit for example, takes up no more space in the fridge than a carton of milk and provides an easy way to prepare a delightful smoothie.

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